Foreign Language Master - Java

Version 2.3

New: non java version for slow internet connection

If your browser understands java you see my e.g. English<->German online dictionary:
If not you can get a screenshot:-)

1. Choose dictionary and press start button.
2. Then type in a word and press ENTER.
3. Now you can double click on the word in the listbox.

(For non Windows users: Use TAB to select the listbox and press the down cursor for select the word. So you have not to scroll with cursor through the listbox. I think it is a bug in Java for SunOS because on Windows95 and NT all works fine).

I can give no guarantee on the accuracy of the dictionary entries. This can affect above all the spelling, since typing errors can not be excluded. However, I strive after spelling and accuracy to improve the FLM dictionaries at each release.
If you find any errors in the dictionary please mail it to me so that I can fix this error. Moreover you can send me words that are not included in the super dictionary.
Properties of the dictionaries:

Help for FLM-Java (Online and Offline version).
Additionally a short history, help and FAQ of FLM-Java.
All official mirrors of FLM-Java.

If you want to make your own mirror of FLM-Java please mail me. If you want only link to FLM please use only
Also you can use following banner with link to

Now you can download FLM-Java 2.3 offline version with light and standard dictionaries. Please mail me your comments (e.g. using FLM-Java on Psion).
If anyone has dictionaries that I can make public with FLM-Java please mail me.

If you have questions about FLM-Java send me an e-mail (or look at my homepage for more information about other FLM versions and myself).

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