Benchmark's with FLM

What means this ?

FLM has a ARexx port to communicate with other programs. So I had the idea to use this port to test the speed of any Amiga. The test includes searching words from different dictionaries from RAM or HD.

All results you can see in the file results.txt.
If you want test your Amiga you must have a FLM version (min. 2.2) and start the ARexx scripts which are included in the file flmbench.lha which includes all you need for the FLM benchmark test.

The FLM index is the summary of all tests. In moment a index of 1.0 is my own Amiga. If the index is higher than 1.0 your Amiga is faster and if the index is lower than 1.0 your Amiga is slower.
Please send your results to Than I add it to file results.txt.

If you have any questions send an e-mail to