Foreign Language Master for Amiga at WB 2.0

also as  version

If you want download any file and your browser shows the file as text you must press Shift + Mouse Button for download.
Here you can download LHA and LZX for decompresssing all files on this page.

What is FLM ?

FLM is a foreign language program what you can use as dictionary, as translator for texts and for learning words. FLM includes any English-German-English dictionaries (alltogether ca. 8 MB with ca. 175000 words).
Here you can find any screenshots of FLM.

The shareware version is in the Aminet (misc/misc/flmXXX.lha) and can also download here: LHA file (367533 Byte).
Currently version is 2.32 from 22.07.2000.

And here you can find the latest FLM beta version

Now finished: FLM-pOS v3.0 alpha
And a screenshoot of FLM-pOS.

For all owners of pOS: LZX file (116274 Byte) to download.
Please note that this is only a german version (english version will come later).

  • All available dictionaries
  • FLM and ARexx
  • FLM - Cataloger
  • FLM - Benchmark
  • EnglishGenius & FLM-Light at Workbench 1.3
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