FLM - Cataloger

Why you should use FLM as a file cataloger ?

1. FLM is very fast for searching in files.
2. You have for one volume (or directory) one dictionary, so you can have any config files, e.g. aminet.config (with all aminet files), privat.config (with all privat files), ...
3. You will see similar files in the listbox.
4. You can see if you have files twice on your volumes.
5. You can also catalog the size of your files.
6. ...

Also I must say that FLM was not programmed for using as a cataloger. FLM was programmed as a dictionary program but FLM works also very good as a catalog program.

You can now download a LHA-File (915803 Bytes) with some dictionaries with files from Aminet-CD's (8-16). This archive is version 1.2 from 16.01.97.
And some Screenshots of FLM as a cataloger.
If you have questions about FLM-Cataloger you can write to flmdic@gmx.de.